Clash of Clans – Why Ali-A Clan Rejected Me

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  1. wut do u expect alia is a complete dumbass i mean he only accepts people who seem good and u know wut else is funny i tried to join im a th8 lvl103 and i still got rejected which is retarded since he accepts rushed th7s that only req

  2. If you watched his video, he says you need to request to join through Twitter

  3. Hey remember me if there is ever a time that there might be a space open in the clan let me join and drop by I say hey to everyone


  5. I got rejected aswell 5000 trophies

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  7. Subbed.

  8. I'm maxed TH9 and I got to Champs and he still rejected me (It was Ironman he's a dickhead)

  9. Yo what's up, saw u in global just now my name is Aneil Jr

  10. Ali-a is an asshole

  11. Damn bro it's like a th7 getting rejected by a th6

  12. i also got rejected ??

  13. Could've thought you were a war spy

  14. ali a is a jerk, not to hate…but he keeps bragging about his clan and he says he wants the best of rhe best when hes lvl 40, i dont get it but its kinda annoying

  15. I totally understand you.You need 3600 trophies to join and Ali himself only has 100

  16. Does ice really have a smell??! (•ิ_•ิ)?

  17. How do you record your stuff?

  18. I heard mystic got banned from CR once

  19. Hope you guys leave a like on the video and not trying to stir up any drama! #ClashofClans #Alia

  20. Hi

  21. Ali- A is a noob lol

  22. Hi