Clash of Clans- WHY DO I SUCK AT AIR RAIDS!?!

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  1. Stop rushing you town hall and upgrade to Max before you do!

  2. Me!

  3. Can you do a town hall 7 set up that you think is good to use

  4. Plz open up your clan

  5. Can I join your clan

  6. Char csn your clan hawe like 200 trofi and hawe the clan open for fans

  7. Don't go to th9, you will be rushed

  8. Hi

  9. Can open the clan agian please

  10. Top tip, charge into the air defences using the dragons as tanks this helps as they don't hurt your raid later on

  11. To help, send in the dragons first, then your cc if they are lv6 Bloons and then your Bloons and finally the minions so the dragon and Bloons can tank for the minions

  12. MasterChar-Gaming & Vlogs im new i just saw your channel im a Th7 and would like to join your clan i really like your vids thanks ( note i did not copy your channel name im changing it today)

  13. MasterChar can i join ur clan i am lvl 61 i have ur troop levels and got ur clan bookedmarked plz i want to join and great work on the videos <3

  14. I want to oin but it closed and tell master ov to folow me on inster gram aviles _gabriel i follew him he just hadent follow me and on you now so as you can to char????

  15. Master char can I join ur clan My username is Little Zaiah And I'm gold three with townhall 7. Plz say yes

  16. I am HORRIBLE at air raids too. I'm a town hall 9 with Max balloons and still cant do balloonion?

  17. Lol

  18. I wanna join our clan like so bad can you put it on invte only 

  19. ms. Char I joined your clan today wit your attack stratagy send in you balloons and then minnions don't bring dragons dragons are a waste and bring 30 balloons and rest minnions and 2 heal 1 rage until u upgrade to 4 .

  20. All minions