Clash of Clans – WORLD’S BEST BASE! | 4200+ Trophies! Must Watch! Base + Replays

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  1. lol. Its actully quite good.i firstly made that base up like he said copycats -_- wow Ash you really copied my base that i showed in school the other day Cheap bro. xD #DontCopyBasesAndBeProWinkWink

  2. just a heads up in 4700 cups from the south mass drags 2* base extremely easy

  3. can u make good th9 defending base?

  4. obviusly you're on luck ash 🙂 cuse all my attackers comes from left or right thats the weakest of the base and they won with 1 or 2 stars , im also max and champ 1

  5. Haha Ash, Worlds best base? Come on now. It's a good base but that's a bold statement

  6. Now show some attacks where you get rekt.

  7. Maybe you will reach the legend league with this base Ash.Only with defense! You made a monster! haha

  8. Could this be a th10 war base too?

  9. now i am upgrading my th to 10

  10. Tô.OP Likee, ThX ;)

  11. my base is th9 maxed

  12. +ash – clash of clans can this base work on new th10 and fully max th9 with lvl 20 heros