Clash of Clans “WORLD’S BIGGEST FAIL” | 1.8 Million Loot Raid Epic Fail + New Game “STINKY PINKY”

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  2. Semon demon

  3. Oh mannn all dat loot left behind makes me sad

  4. slow clap

  5. Great vids you deserve to have more subs

  6. Lol

  7. Olove the intro!!!

  8. good video, keep up with the good work markus

  9. First And Singing On Fleek (Semen Demon)

  10. Lol the begining was soo funny ! 

  11. Semen Demon

  12. That intro is awesome! And OMG that raid made me cringe harder than
    watching a guy get kicked in the nuts.

    Also, for the game my guess is “sperm hell”

    (because its a bj maybe? Lol)

  13. Sperm Satan

  14. Sperm Satan

  15. Cum Devil

  16. Bad move

  17. Cum Devil

  18. For a second at the beginning I thought the audio track wasn’t you. That’s
    an even bigger fail than this vid. XD

  19. I Found something like that too! But i was searching for collectors i had
    150gobs 50archh but all was in mid :(

  20. cum devil lol

  21. Semen demon

  22. Lol I loved the intro-

  23. Semen Demon!! xD

  24. Marcus nice you have a nice video and commentary now hope you get a
    thousands of subscribers 

  25. Satan’s Sperm