Clash of Clans | WORST ATTACK FAIL EVER | Cam Sucks at Attacking.. FAIL

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  1. BarbariaNParty level 2 clan hype!

  2. #camsucksatattacking

  3. Cam it’s kanye! I’m in B.P. right now, i’m having a great time!

  4. My friend said he didnt like cam

    He got hit by a boat the next day

    i lost my boat license

  5. Im with you cam..been playin nearing 3 years and still not maxed!! Never
    bought gems so i gotta farm it all…wheres the best place? Preferably
    barchable.. Thanks any way man. 

  6. That last base was a special base. Most troops in CoC when they are spawned
    the programming is programmed to find the easiest way to enter the base and
    attack buildings. After you destroy the buildings that can be targeted by
    spawning troops outside of the walls the troops will move to the open walls
    and head in. But they also ignore the the towers next to open walls because
    that is not the easiest way to intrude the base and get one star. So the
    guy who made this base put splash towers near the open walls and noticed
    and made the observation and made a customized base for anti barch, giant
    healer, and farming attack strats. Taht base is amaziinnng ?????


  8. Still not as bad as Master Ov

  9. Hi. I like girls

  10. Hey can i join your base im about to go to crstal league and im th9 and was
    wondering if you can kick your lowest player and im gonna subscribe right
    now if you can i appreciate that i been having a bad week so if you do this
    it will make my day and you dont have to but if you can i respect that.?

  11. Elixir is used for wall upgrade ?

  12. U are mean cam… I’m. Cruz 786…u shouldn’t have left me out…

  13. Why can’t i upgrade my walls to lvl 7 with elixer?? (I’m th 8))

  14. Can i join and say hi?I was talking to H2O delirious

  15. Hey i have a tip to get loot in recources if the goldmine and elixer pump
    is same lvl look at the lowest loot and the loot will u get in recouces

  16. Not first.


  18. what app is that to make the song?


  20. This video was made on my birthday and when I got C.O.C.

  21. 00:48 u meant gold

  22. Break your hem box it gives you 25 Jews

  23. Can I join iam a sub and I live watching

  24. hey cam i have seen ur videos and i have subscibed to ur channel….. it
    has helped my out a lot so thnx but by the way i was asking if u cud let me
    join your clan plz i am a th8 i just got to th8 my names Sideling Gaming
    plz tell if u can accpet

  25. What screen recorder r u using? Pls answer.