Clash of Clans | WORST ATTACKER EVER | So Many Fails

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  1. you got it because you gem

  2. cam its easy to beat that base …use a mass witch attack

  3. The badge is photoshopped though maybe not the queen but the badge…

  4. The strategy isn't bad it's just #camsusksatattacking

  5. make a hole in a corner…and let queen get in in that base clear corner then let golems in on the side the queen starts going when she clears what she can reach from the corner…1 rage you are going to use for sure on the queen walk…dont bother with the poison there…so after she clears what she can from one corner,,,she going to head out…start golem deploy on the side she walks through and…go for it

  6. Congratz Cam Great job with 1 million subs bro keep up the good work, (ur the best CoC youtuber ever)

  7. No wonder why cam sucks at attacking!

  8. Cam… a wallbreaker is always targeting the closest building, behind the wall! in this case, they was targeting the cannon in your 43 trophy attack. Maybe it helps you in the future… clash on and keep pushing!

  9. grt intro tht was just amazing

  10. Gotta Stop Fronting The MLP GamePlay. heheh


  12. camarobro can i join your clan


  14. in chalsh royal im only arena 2 but i deafeted someone in the time 1:59 :3

  15. Cam, where did the Jon Cena jokes go?

  16. Cam I'm a town hall 8 and I have 118 less than you… I almost have more than you! And I got to champions league as well

  17. Hey Cam ever since Ive been watching your videos I learned how to 2 stars thanks man 😛 keep it up KAPPA


  19. CQOTD: do u have a feeder (barbarian pro) in clash royale with Lil cam and van Bro in it. ..I really need to know coz I'm in that clan…love ur vids ??

  20. no they done couse it it bad vs a lot of witch and 3 golems it is going to get fked

  21. Can you make how you edit your video in android

  22. Guys If you want Cam to make more special videos celebrating his subscriber milestone Remember to unsubscribe and subscribe again.

  23. I'm on iOS and that cash for apps link isn't working for me cam?

  24. How do you run out of elixir using dragons with the rediculus amounts of loot in bases that high in trophies plus the like huge loot bonus

  25. I was gonna say to make a music video of how it feels to get a three star when you got a million subs. But I was late. So sad.
    I used to be a fan.
    Now I'm an air conditioner.
    So sad again.