Clash of Clans | WORST BASES EVER?! | TH 9s 3 Starring TH 10s

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  1. Last one !!! EPIC ??

  2. I hate when that happens

  3. Cam, i guess ur the best clash youtubers ever…….way u talk and explain is good……i used to see ur video since i was th 2 and now im th 10….thanks… :)

  4. your wondering what peace and love 1 looks like I wonder what peace and love 3 looks like

  5. join my clan: A King's Desire we are a war clan. our war record is 11-6 not the greatest but we will improve. The reason many wars were lost was because of members not attacking. can you join and be the change we need?

  6. I love the base of yours.

  7. Cam known for dropping any spell on the grass

  8. "red lobsters endless shrimp"

  9. The vid finished so funny! Kkkkkkkk

  10. nice ending

  11. hey can you tell me your clan tag?

  12. need money? download whaff. code CF51253 to get $0.30

  13. hey what happens if our clan member and opponent clan member use all their attack in war

  14. Us pro are far better than you beoch

  15. ?


    (Jason SHARED IT)

  17. ?????

  18. asap quan got lucky his raid sucked really bad

  19. an I the only one that noticed the enemy Barb king survived that attack?

  20. Imma Th8 And I 3 Starred 3 Th9's
    Rushed Mofos?