Clash of Clans | WORST CLAN EVER TROLL WAR | Funny Fails and Troll Bases

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  1. Cam when are you gonna reopen your clan for people to join

  2. I didn't think anyone sucked more than Cam at attacking….

  3. They really DO such at attacking

  4. They really suck at attacking

  5. Compared to that clan, Cam is a god at attacking

  6. Anyone else notice when the Supercell logo came up it was rotating?

  7. And I thought Cam sucked at attacking

  8. Wow! They suck at attacking even more than Cam

  9. The outro song sounds like the theme from batman the dark knight haha

  10. They suck more than Cam

  11. #thatclansucksatattacking

  12. In Motha Russia, You don't raid base, BASE RAIDS YOU!!!

  13. cam no wonder there atacks are bad there 5+ old

  14. how come your th4 or th5????

  15. cam no wonder there atacks are bad there 5+ old

  16. play

  17. cyka blyat

  18. Everytime I see cam uploaded a video I get super excited

  19. 1rd

  20. omg first

  21. anyone plz sub to me

  22. Yo Vainglory is goddamn amazing definitely need more of it. My love for Clash has been dying for a while, and VG is really filling that hole in my heart

  23. cam plz sub to me

  24. :)

  25. I don't get it. I'm almost a maxed th8 in crystal 1 almost masters and still can't join one of your clans.