Clash of Clans | WORST CLAN, MUCH FAIL | Clan War Against Rushed Bases

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  1. Rushed get crushed clan war hype!! :D

  2. The voice in the intro was my brother Jeffrey xD

  3. Cam pls reply to me m8

  4. dont you understand their tactic? they upgrade th fast and get better
    troops… as we all see they were pretty strong attackers… 

  5. Watch cam manage to only get 2 stars.

  6. That moment when you thought cam finally had a new intro

  7. I thought the point of this game was to get to town hall 10 as fast as you
    can with the least amount of upgrades, I believe cam is playing wrong.

  8. They are rushed because they are either town hall 8.5 or 9.5. They are
    rushed so that they can get the offensive capabilities for farming or
    warring. In this case it’s warring. They don’t care if they get three
    starred because they can bring in 6 stars themselves. Also, by being a town
    hall 8.5 or 9.5 because you don’t buy or upgrade the new defensive
    buildings such as xbows or infernos so you bring in weaker guys you can 3
    star. For example if you are you upgraded to th 9 prematurely and didn’t
    upgrade or buy new defensive buildings but upgrades your offense troops,
    you would most likely be matched up against a th 8 that you can three star
    much easier because of your new offensive advantages. So in your match up
    they have much more premature th 10’s and you only have 2. All the town
    hall 10’s that are matched against your th 9’s, with th 10 offenses will
    completely destroy your th 9’s while the th 9’s will most likely only 2
    star the th 10’s even if they are premature. I hope this clarifies stuff.

  9. I finally seen myself in one of ur videos. Yaaaay

  10. Rushers unite lol!

  11. Cam I’m th7 level 48 do you think BarbariaNParade would let me in?

  12. I tried to join the clan but Deputy_Dodo declined my clan request -_-

  13. Hey cam !! I’m afraid u can’t do purge anymore dude.. Lol u have to wait
    every 20min to kick a person out , I’ve tried it. IDk if you’ll get this 

  14. 100K Dark Elixir :/

  15. LOL The clan decription:You must rush!

  16. does he not realize you have to take a lighting with go-loon and also drop
    balloons for and lavas for each defense lol he dose not really know much

  17. i like how you used a shattered laloon. I thought that all you popular
    youtubers only used gowipe. smh

  18. 3:07 A farming base? *IN A FREAKING CLAN WAR!?*

  19. at 0:32 when he said “but first” i was like let me take a selfie.. lmao

  20. Supecell has change the voice of everything!?!? Like what the fuck?!?!

  21. Your walls are rushed.

  22. When your brother Jeffrey when he says his name says:

    My name is Jeff?

  23. what if they use these terrible bases so you cant strategies early. Then
    they change it to op bases.

  24. I know why everyone’s so rushed. That’s because it says “Must have an IQ of
    90 or less to join.” in the Clan’s description.

  25. Clash of Clans with Cam I am going to UNSUBCRIBE BECAUSE YOUR NOT BEING SO