Clash of Clans | WORST WAR FAIL EVER?! | That’s it im done.. CoC

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  1. like seeing fails

  2. why u have so many acounts cam

  3. so are you gonna review the new lvl 9 laboratory, lvl 9 wizard tower and lvl 12 gold/elixir storages?

  4. Cam pls don't record I don't want your clan going back to the lose streak so don't do me live

  5. Nah, you just suck at attacking

    Or it's because you use hogs. They die too damn quickly.

  6. Cam u better watch jake from onehive vid u learn how to use shaterd and stoned Goho

  7. you should fail don't be afraid to be juged

  8. I like it when you record live ;p

  9. hi

  10. ┻┳|
    ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.•) Daddy, Are The Reptilians Gone? HISSSSSSSS (<_<)
    ┻┳| HISSSSSSS (<_<)

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  12. I'm a th5 and I can do better than that

  13. both

  14. The sneak peak for lvl9 wiz towers are out, can make the vid plz

  15. Poor cam ;(

  16. Dude when u gonna make a vid about the donating spells sneak peak

  17. cam if u see this coment then wen ur ready to emerge out of coc then can u play jungle heat a make a clan BarbarianParty its so fun

  18. i vote one live and one pre recorded

  19. cam/Chris, can u make how to build and keep a successful clan vid? It will help me out alot

  20. not king