Clash of Clans “You Got Trolled” Town Hall 10 Defense Wins!

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  1. Wire lightning did panic and said galadon 22 times

  2. this is just too mean. i cannot do this to anyone. 

  3. can someone give me a map of how to build this base?

  4. i rarely get trolled by troll bases its sort of easy to tell whats a troll
    base and what isnt for me

  5. Galadon please do a base review on me!
    Name:Samurai K-leb
    Clan:Warrior tribe
    Clan tag:#9L8P2COR
    I designed the base myself!

  6. That’s awesome. I’ve been watching a good amount of white YT videos and he
    has one where he counts how many times he said ‘Galadon’ lol
    This was a very fun watch. Thanks for sharing budd

  7. Where can I get a pic of this base? 

  8. where can I find the layout of this base brother?

  9. I watched the video of him attacking you and he was freaking out

  10. it may seem that wite was patient and strategic but in his video he was SO
    scared of losing and was working lot

  11. I’ve seen a few guys in my clan do some troll base designs but they quickly
    got rid of them as the game quickly adapts to such a thing. I’m always
    impressed at how you churn out different but quality material for your
    channel & I say, quality trumps quantity any day. If you could, feel free
    to give me a base review, IGN is Brimaz, and the Clan name is, Ego Trippin.

    Peace Galadon, God bless

  12. Hey man where is the screenshot for this base?

  13. Come check out my clan OG CLAN I’m Damian were 19-2 right now I would luv
    it if u would stop by 

  14. peeka is a girl!!

  15. Patience is a virtue.?

  16. Anyone remember when galleon did gowipe how to? On bases or when he showed
    his base getting 3 star’d the old times 😛 Nice vid gala!

  17. Do champions forget how to snipe or something? 

  18. Is there a speed build for this?

  19. Where i can find design of this base? :/

  20. Really? 1 star equals one trophy

  21. Hey Galdon is there anyway I can get gems. Pls let me know.thx

  22. witelightning showed the video on youtube xD

  23. This is how I found your channel!!!’

  24. Witelighting got that on video too