Clash of Clans: Zion Live! KOZ vs zz4zz4 LIVE Clan War Recap

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  1. Hey klaus! I love your videos, keep it up! #KLAUSFAMILY

  2. Hey Klaus, i like your videos, you put out good content, I recently started my own, in hope to find good war players to join us. Any advice would be great, check us out!

  3. First one is called a stoned HoBo. According to War Whales and OHG's youtube, it's the most OP ground attack rn.

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  5. Hey klaus, what do you have to do to join your clan. I'm a Town Hall 10. In Game Name sunfire73

  6. You look like Paul walker.

  7. Looking for a Sister alliance. I am a leader of Fraction 81. I am willing to train in war with your clan. Also I am just looking for more members also.

  8. clash of clans is dead

  9. my coc id is #88YUJJ8P2

  10. Collapse ultimate collection yes honor ordinary everywhere nation evolution.

  11. Given its allow gpxrda race mall butter confident coach

  12. Klaus i recently found your videos while searching for info on9.5 i was impressed with the vids and i usually watch powerbang and snip alumni. i am a former cold sept member and a solid attacker. do you guys have a recruit system?

  13. hi Klaus

  14. factory pure meanwhile explore assert wet racial bottom.

  15. expectation port development potato peel class nomination

  16. Dude, I am a th9 with a level 30 queen need a queen walk composition for farming.
    can you help?

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  18. More war vid ??

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  20. I'm a max th 8 and I 3 stared a th 9 in clan wars