CLASH UPDATE: RING of WALLS, Magic Runes, Builder Hall 8

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  1. What's your favorite new feature or change for the spring update?

  2. did anyone notice that the clan lvl was 50

  3. Am I the only one who thinks rune of DE is hella OP? I wont complain about 200k free dark elixir but damn it seems like a lot compared to 10m gold or regular elixir.

  4. What about walls in builder base with ring of wall??

  5. You have to be kidding me! I almost maxed my builder base and they drop this update!!!! This happened last time too!

  6. Fake there is lvl50cln

  7. 5 rings for 1 wall yeah I think I'll pass

  8. So runes are way better than ring of walls I need 4-5 rings to upgrade 1 piece of wall yet 1 rune would do 2 pieces of wall (3mil each) and 2.5 left sounds mad

  9. Everything good with the clan games so far but seriously wtf with the trap upgrades? What's the point of adding 1 more level on traps? And the trader thing is all about gemming.. They want people to spend money on gems so they can buy books etc from the trader. Bullshit…

  10. Tnx for information.. pb

  11. well the runes will help with wall upgrading as well so i aint conplaining

  12. Update looks huge 🙂

  13. They don't have to do any of this for us? WTF lol. Um Powerbang yes they do. Most pay money even if its small amounts. If they don't then most have been here for a very long time with a ton invested. New content is needed and appreciated.

  14. The runes are pretty awesome


  16. Wtf how u got these new items before us

  17. I like your style. Also like the aesthetics of your video. Very modern and cool. I subscribed.

  18. Fuck these updates .. a big kick in the balls for every maxed th11 who's been here since the game released. Loads of maxed players who have given up thanks to all this noobass shit.

  19. Osm vedio bro ????

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  21. The real question is when is the update.

  22. Fake , Fake and only Fake,it's not real server of coc

  23. A video on farming with Miners at th10 without heroes plz! BTW, thanks for Bowitch at th10 as requested.

  24. when coc update will come??

  25. I'm so hyped for the magic runes. Will they appear in the daily trades??

  26. Awesome

  27. Hey PB i really want to know about 3rd time name change ….tell me if u have any info about it ……..
    I watch ur every video and my clan is huge fan of ur videos …… thnx for all this info man …….I know how hard it is to make a video… i got my own channel

  28. Super video bro I'm ur biggggggg fan from India ur the awesome

  29. Hey bang tell me this hack version app name.

  30. u have level 50 clan

  31. Is there any clan of lvl 50

  32. Is this real

  33. HOW INSANELY DISAPPOINTING! FFS this game is dying with these shit updates… quick better add some more pay=win options

  34. Good video pb


  36. Lvl50 clan ?

  37. Trophies o ???


  39. Wow Super update!!!!!

  40. I m very very excited waiting this update ?

  41. How you are using developer version ?

  42. Ring of walls is not good

  43. Now the original game is similar to a private server one keep it up supercell,

  44. Thx PB, i would like to join your clan bud?

  45. ??great stuff

  46. That blue butterfly ❤️