ClashCon Workshop: War Strategy!

  1. We need Bangladeshi-flag on COC.

  2. ataques bajo tierra porfavor


  4. #free white

  5. gowipe ,golem wizard & pekka , ?

  6. where is the update?

  7. Hey Clash of Clans, do Ash a favor and pick a different thumbnail for this video :)

  8. Jake from Onehive should've been here

  9. no ablais inglis putos

  10. Hi

  11. there is like 0 stratergy in this "workshop" SC plz get jake from onehiveraids

  12. oh yeah!!

  13. Wow this game changed since I started playing 3 years ago..

  14. Waarom spelen allemaal oude mannen COC?

  15. Teach these newbs ashlin

  16. Ok… at least Ash is a clash of clan player not a poser like all the rest of your "experts"!!

  17. the best startagy is… ATTACK THE WEPONS FIRST

  18. nossa, jurei que era o goleiro Cássio do corinthians na imagem fixa do vídeo

  19. شباب يقولون جاي يشتغلون بتحديث وخلال هاي الايام القريبه ينزل التحديث شاهدو قناتي هجنات حرب تاون 9

  20. teve time do brasil?