ClashCon Workshops: GoWiPe, LavaLoonian and more!

  1. ataques bajo tierra porfavor

  2. Clash of money

  3. please made MINI CLAN WAR.. like in this turney hahaha 5v5 ^^ thanks God Bless

  4. LOY A-K- Goblin King is in the singleplayer. He's not the new hero. Noob


  6. no

  7. no

  8. Seriously who doesn't know to keep 10 troops back on go attks! , 1st thing I was told when learning these…..

  9. Hue hue br

  10. What a waste of my time. Wheres the actual workshop

  11. master clash of clan

  12. good

  13. good

  14. gowipe or lavaloon

  15. Lol godson was like yeah

  16. t

  17. ?

  18. haha. they got a quick flash of: breaking down lavaloon. they stole OneHive Raids, youtube material, and created clashcon workshops from it. lulz supercell has no shame.

  19. this guys english annoys me

  20. #ComunidadHispanaCoC