ClashingMatty (Emphatic Elite) vs Powerbang (Wiz Honor Face) | Clash of Clans

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  1. You sound like an old fart

  2. LOVE the you vs PB on live call. Please!!

  3. Whats the score? Who won?

  4. Plz watch that vid and make coc to more Than a game

  5. lol that would be awesome!! Matty vs powerbang in a video talking while hitting each other's base! I would definitely watch that

  6. yes! pb vs matty! +powerbang gaming

  7. can you go over hogging anti 2 star bases please? In an anti 2 star there's more concentrated dps on the outside having a hard time… The anti 3 star bases are easier cuz there spread out lol

  8. always enjoy your content matty! good luck in the war. cheers from whf -ZeRo Gr4vItY


    My TOP3 coc youtubers are
    Clashing with Matty
    Powerbang gaming!

  10. Good luck Matty! It's gonna be a blast 😀 Thanks so much for the kind words!

  11. Wiz Honor Face lulz me up every time

  12. After months of being announced it's finally happening! Good luck to both clans.

  13. Dang!

  14. Super pumped for this !

  15. Ultraaa Hyped for the War!! Good Luck to both sides. Will the better one win this war. 🙂 !

  16. it should be CLASHING WITH EM….. EMMM!! LOL!!

  17. I would like to watch some of those attaks live to get a good grasp on the strats

  18. nice if you manage that can u gives us a twitter link so we can see that live

  19. Pb's channel was the first coc war channel I've came a crossed and every since then I've been keeping up with a few, but Matty I have to say your channel is most definitely one of my favorites if not my favorite. You consistently put out great content and it's very much appreciated. Thanks alot Matty keep up the good work!

  20. Haha have fun