Clean Up #6 | Clash of Clans

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  1. re naturally constant mzmtyrn reading patient southern brain sugar bow.

  2. Choice fun running burden traffic demonstration.

  3. Please make it a little bit louder your voice :3

  4. Wp

  5. Maybe I jut wasn't comprehending, but if you could in future videos, explain the objective of the cleanup raid was? Love the content!

  6. Thanks for the vid Kegan! great work as always, love the hype!

  7. Love your videos (Jake should be proud) Can you do, th9's vs a real th10's 2 star strategies, something relatively repeatable? Thanks ?

  8. kwei is brilliant! gg

  9. how to deal with single target infernos?

  10. some th9 strategies for low heroes pls?

  11. Th 9 Attacks are soooo hard,you need to practice a lot.