CLONE SPELL VS SKELETON SPELL! – Clash of Clans – New Update Spell Challenge!

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  1. See if I can just buy my way through a game I will try to cause that's just waaaay easier

  2. Brandon just so you know you are the only YouTuber I follow on SnapChat cuz you cool like that

  3. CQOTD: Do you think they should add like a bomb tower to C.O.C

  4. Are you making a dating app for all those kids in global chat?

  5. I got baby drags today, and i use them in loonion after the loons nd minion have cleared a path to the core of the base its a really good 2/3* strat

  6. FFW to 7:45 for second attack??

  7. Can I join your clan it is called m7 and I am level 72 and a crystal ledge

  8. please

  9. I think next one fix pekka

  10. The ea should be able to be sniped

  11. What do you guys think is the most rare card to get in clash royale? I know whick one it ks, but just guess my I'll tell ya in the replys.

  12. Baby Dragon vs Dragon

  13. do this challenge Wiches vs wizzards

  14. can I join your clan

  15. FFW to 3:15 for first attack??

  16. Mystic7 can i join

  17. i have your clan bookmarked wite

  18. What Sup Wite

  19. Hey MYSTLC7! I don't usually comment on yt vids but I have to say that recently you've terrific with your clash of clans videos. You always try to create creative stuff and that's what I like about you. Keep it up Buddy!

  20. MYSTCL7 can i join your clan

  21. can you do rage against freeze

  22. are you by your self in a clan

  23. dumb question but can you clone a skeleton spell?

  24. what is your clans name

  25. Yea loons with haste vs loons with rage

  26. Clan war?????

  27. Can I join and I have your clan bookmarked in clash of clans

  28. Hey nice vid

  29. Wait, why are they called spells when clearly they're fucking potions?


  31. Dont like this comment or my videos and dont subscribe because I HATE NOTIFICATIONS

  32. hi

  33. Nigger

  34. miner is better them the _Baby Dragón ??????

  35. can I join please

  36. 6:06

    Pause then look at his face!

  37. I found your clan it's beast

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  39. bowler vs miner?

  40. 333 likes and 3 dislikes as of this moment… Illuminati confirmed? I think so.

  41. hey man if u need clan to chill join Angel Of Lust

  42. do babylavaloonion

  43. Yo dada vs yo mama!!!! :-P

  44. hey man do an attack with the army that showed up in the end of video on your second account in which eagle artillery and th is in the middle and surrounded with inferno and see how much percentage u get (NO SPELLS AND HEROES ALLOWED)

  45. CQOTD:is the new app a sorta game?

  46. Nice vid (:

  47. baby dragons vs dragons

  48. Could u plz join my clan it's called huskers I'm a big fan of u

  49. CQOTD: What new games are you bringing to the channel?