CLONE SPELL WTF? – Global #1 TonDe (The Storm) Attacking

  1. cool thanks!

  2. You just don’t understand how strong the clone spell is with loons it’s probably one of the best spells in the game

  3. I wanna know how you get around the feckin octopus? Sand bagging like..all perfect 3's

  4. Tonde some finnish nub?

  5. Wtf so nice clone spell but I haven't use it yet

  6. You know what.. This guy is Fucking Cool.

  7. Sup noobs

  8. Thank you a shitload

  9. clone spell is better than rage

  10. Show Some Attacks of Black August

  11. clone spell is actually good. when i do lavaloonion i use 1 clone 1 rage and haste spells.