CoC – Town Hall 12 UPDATE Livestream

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  1. where you at th 12 is out bro

  2. Does anyone know if klaus still has his discord and if so what it’s called?

  3. Give me 100 thousand gems please i support u

  4. We want new video,other YouTubers just aren't you.WE WANT KLAUS hype!!!♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕🍀4 lief clover hahaha as he said in live.

  5. I am a indian

  6. Hi

  7. Hi

  8. #supertaggaming

  9. Hello


  11. Hey Klaus, What are those 75000 gems for?

  12. That was so intense!

  13. Danget I’m still a rushed Town Hall 9!

  14. I really want to punch Alvaro and I don't know why

  15. Game crashing.. When I updated on maintainence.. I'm sick asf dude I'm th 10 Max and I'm fed up.

  16. coc may the 12 update Kiya open Karta hu open nahi hota thoda as loading hota hai fir cancel ho gaya hai

  17. 2:18:13 look at the japanese guy in red team hahahah

  18. Hi claus you should make a new video about Guide TH11 thank you:)

  19. Klaus looking handsome as usual XD

  20. bangit coc hore hore

  21. Nerf the drag

  22. You already know what time I'm voting for that has godson in it#godson is my favorite COC tuber

  23. pleas new update again

  24. why after update my app ican't play it.always say not respondin when i open it.

  25. Great Update

  26. i like town hall 12,,

  27. Th12 me konsi update ayi ha troops ki plz share video

  28. Why invite Álvaro845 if he dont play enamore is stupid

  29. I m waiting

  30. I m waiting

  31. Oyunda hatalar var benim oyun açılmıyor hata veriyor.

  32. Good game

  33. job well done… keep it up

  34. electro dragon is orsome

  35. congratz to team red balloon

  36. ultimately awesome

  37. I watch the whole video klaus

  38. I mean Town Hall 12

  39. I wish i can have TOWN KLHALL 12

  40. Thanks for th12

  41. congrats klaus!!

  42. Klaus Ur da best keep up the good work I will always support u bro cheers

  43. Must watch th12 in india

  44. red baloons win

  45. YAAAAA