Cold Blooded LaLo Episode 2 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Your intro and outro are fucking deafening. Hope you fixed that in your most recent vids.

  2. Loving both of the episodes of this series.  CB LaLoon always seemed intimidating to me before but I have already gotten my first war 3* with it after watching the two episodes.  Very clear breakdown as always.  I did have a question on how feasible a strategy CB Laloon is when you are upgrading your BK (or AQ).  I had already planned on selecting a weaker TH9 target with AD and AQ closer to the edge of the base– but was wondering if CBL was still viable with a pekka or 2-3 valk as a 'BK substitute' or whether I should just switch to a completely different strategy. 

  3. This intro is WAY too loud

  4. Ayoooo! that intro thou! Sick bro, Beast atks also.

  5. Ayee I made it into a video! Thanks for all the hard work u guys do for this channel! Keep it up!

  6. This makes me want to play. Great video! 

  7. Very good video, I'm happy to See your videos on your Channel, so go on and I wish You succes:)

  8. OH Labs – Cold Blooded LaLo Attack | Episode 2: #clashofclans #clanwars