Cold Blooded LaLo Episode 4 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Good attacks with heros that are in the same range as mine.  I have noticed that all the three star attacks have been using 4 hounds.  Good to remember.

  2. Very nice attack! Greatly executed! How do u guys figure out whether to use one golem or two for taking out the CC + AQ + AD?

  3. Very informative and nice animations bud.

  4. Nice as always!

  5. Cold Blooded LaLo Episode 4: #clashofclans #OneHiveLabs

  6. What do you guys do if there is a dragon in the cc? I've been experimenting with switching the lightning with a rage and dropping it on my queen and wiz. I have a low lvl queen too (lvl10).

  7. Cold Blooded LaLo Episode 4: #clashofclans #OneHiveLabs