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  1. My clan Faked wrgsm is out of the CWL, So I will support 1.0 now 😛 GO OH !!!!!!

  2. mp4 donlload

  3. LIKE

  4. how is spartans legacy the hottest team in the league, winning their last 9 wars, but the dark looters haven't even lost once? wouldn't the dark looters be the hottest team in the league?

  5. The chances are not that great. But do you best spartans!

  6. Go whales! ?

  7. Like the black and gold theme, I hope it's not just for playoffs

  8. DL all the way! if only betting is legal in any which way. lol maybe SC can allow us to do friendly responsible "gem bets" on the outcome of the CWL. ill bet 100 gems on DL. LMAO

  9. hohohoo.. DL.WW.OH.. champion..


  11. i think dark looters will be win 101% dud

  12. how can my clan compete in cwl next season

  13. does any1 stream the champions war league warsand know where to watch them.

  14. enough of this laloon

  15. Can't believe how bad the CwL is already. The modders really showing through. With some of the clans such a GG and PwC looks like power bang and crew want more modding for CwL season 2

  16. Ƒʉͫcͧкͭιͪηͣ S?P?A⚔️R?T?A

  17. Let's go Onehive ❗

  18. One Hive vs Dark Looters would be crazy to watch

  19. still rooting for onehive! ^^

  20. Vali's AQ was a Boss

  21. u have a sexy as fk voice powerbang

  22. Supercell is seeing the future of Clash with the CWL. About time!! Congratulations to the Admin team & PB on the accomplishment. Oh, and the redesign is dope!

  23. Them whales are about to get stung…

  24. You say spartans legacy is he hottest team on a 9 game winning streak. No easy task but keep in mind dark looters is on a 14 game winning streak.

  25. The new color scheme is fantastic!

  26. Onehive FTW. Do it for Jake.

  27. Dem spartans sure are looking good

  28. could you please get the results by Sunday night.

  29. Buying plane tickets for final 🙂

  30. wow this is amazing gl to everyone involved

  31. LOVE the new look PB!!


  33. Now that we are knocked out (JBR from NW here) I'm rooting for WW or SL.. I hope SL beats DL. Would be a sick win and upset..looking forward to this wknds wars regardless.

  34. when will the livestream be on?

  35. dont forget the watermark "cwl logo" – good call on changing the logo looking forward towards the future. Thanks again for all the time/work you put in. cheers – KB.

  36. It would be nice to have the Breackdown next to the results

  37. OneHive-Dark Looters is my championship prediction, with OneHive upsetting Dark Looters at the buzzer.

  38. Chris from OneHive using that archer to bring the hound out so the pups didn't attack it….superb play and attention to detail


  40. first attack: did not use king ability to keep the hound in the cc…sick detail

  41. Why has the cwl banner/pfp changed i liked the old 1 as it looked like nfl but great vid!

  42. FINAL hours of the CWL Finals will be covered LIVE from Estonia – A few members from the finalist teams will be invited to come hang out! Can't wait to meet some of these guys!