CONFIRMED: Engineered Bases Nerf Coming Very Soon! | Clash of Clans

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  1. so confirmed means completely speculative? nothing was mentioned that says they'll nerf engineering he just said there'll be change to mm. it never said anything to do with nerfing engineering. you might need to use dictionary to learn meaning of confirm. these clickbaits are the reason i unsubbed you. also reported this video.

  2. Glad to see hope they fix soon tired of them

  3. Good video✌️

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  5. just add war weight to air defense like before they change it

  6. What r engineering bases?

  7. Tasks completed. (The giveaway) (:

  8. Good Communication is not a strength at SC. Not holding my breath.

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  11. engineered bases cannot be blocked, may be engineered clan will face each other more after the new MM system, but they cannot be blocked cuz at the start there was norule about stopping it, it was no cheating, just a part of the game, so blocking them would be totally unfair and not rational at all.

  12. Supercell literally can't fully nerf this as it would HEAVILY mess the game up in terms of customisation.

    And to all the people complaining about engineered bases, who can't beat engineered clans, then why didn't you engineer yourself to counter it? That's what our clan did, I wish engineering was never a thing, but now that it is, it's either do or die.

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  15. I subscribed. TY for all the info on every thing COC, building, JUST everything!!

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  17. I have subscribed! Thank you for the information about these bases. I'm so damn tired of people doing this. Can't wait to see how many idiots who engineered their bases quit hahah. Sucks for you guys who didn't upgrade your bases the right way.

  18. I was thinking…One way of fixing engineered bases could be to make it so that war matchmaking take townhall lvl as priority and then def and offense…For example, if there are a few new and some mid maxed and some maxed townhall 9s , they will obviously not be affected, that will remain how it is now…but if there is a th 11 engineered base in a clan with all other th 10s or th 9s…then supercell could make it so that the highest townhall lvl comes first, then the th 11 engineered base will be at the top above all th 10s , and in its place obviously its mirror is gonna be a th 11 or maxed 10 as well….In this way,people with engineered bases will automatically have to build and upgrade theur defenses..and they will have to pay off for that 'cheating' …and this thing wont be affecting 0.5s (which is alright, in my opinion) and other normal matchmaking…but will have huge impact on engineered and rushed bases…

  19. Engineered bases are pathetic af

  20. Arby from PUB had been at my clan for quite a lot of wars. Later he lost access to that base.

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  22. Even i hate these engineered bases……tho got one myself ?

  23. like the saying goes can't beat them join them quit crying to supercell engineers have equal rights to play the game how they want. And why would supercell burn all the engineers who r their big money makers dumb to say Kendal without proof.

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  26. 1st love your videos, you said you were changing the PUB name but didnt? did i miss something? keep up the good work.

    Tbh i have heard this issue many times before from other youtubers that Engineered bases are going away, however a year or so later we are still only hearing about this and not really seeing anything being done. i dont mind engineered bases if they we only matched against the same Town Hall level, thats in the interest of fair play. people have been talking about how difficult the algorithm is to get right! what cant you just match the same town halls and list them in order, so no matter what stage you are at with your base you only come up against the same town hall. that way at least you have more of a chance to play fair. we are in a war right now, we have 3 Th10s, somes Th9s 8s and 7s, the enemy has 4 Th11s 3 TH10s their lowest player is a Th9 ours is a Th7. sound fair?

    the problem contines with Builder hut as well, i am at Bh4 (just pressed for Bh5 after maxing out) and all i get in match ups are BH5 or 6, yet we were told that would not happen when BH was lunched. i could go on about the BH issues but thats another video i guess. peace


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  30. Ffs 4:30 minute video for a fucking comment fucking hell! Waste of time!

  31. about time, maybe we get great attackers again, engineering was just a form of bullying for the ones who cannot attack or want to learn, play the game and learn dumbasses

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  34. Engineered bases should stay supercell should support it its my wish too engineer my base.its a strategy..

  35. Bruh wtf I swear this is bs. All you idiots complaining about engineering need to shut up because it's not like y'all can't do it either. Those that like it should support it because this is bs. I'm going to quit if this engineering is going to be really bad. You idiots that don't like engineering including various Youtubers need to shut up and do it also instead of supporting it. What's the fun if you cant do what you want to with your base? You guys are crazy it could be exactly like a builder hall set up or something I don't know, but if you aren't smart enough to do it also in your favor, well then quit. That takes the fun and strategy out from the other players!!! Really pissed about this. I know lots of other people who are actually smart about real strategy are too. Smh

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  38. I don't understand why they're such a big deal. Doesn't it make it easier to raid and get the stars?

  39. Click bait ! And salty about engineer bases salty you tubers with click bait

  40. What is an engineered base?

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  42. hey i once saw a super rushed base, he only had his resource collecters maxed and the only defence was a lvl 1 cannon, and he was th11

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