Contest Update! (+ Sneak Peek!}

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  1. I have 1 question: WHY NO CREATOR CONTEST RESULTS ???????????

  2. There are no famous creators that are aware of my existence, despite my repetitive and annoying requests. SO, I will collab with my usual partner Tangrow…unless I get in GBoy's group…if that happens (not a very large chance), will I have to choose which group I will be in, or can I be in both?

  3. The level is not done

  4. Me and GD banjanplayz are partners I'm on iOS and GD banjanplayz is on steam

  5. Me and someone the message won't show

  6. We're approved right?! Mursu, me, Potato and GeoCrafter:)

  7. Did a Three way Collaboration For Your Contest! ID:9275676 Name Obsolete. Creators: Dyno (Me) PanihYT, And Waffles. We Put In A lot of Effort! Thanks A lot!

  8. I have a question…

    Am I even considered famous? I just want to know, I have already started some collabs with non-famous people, yeah I have 15 creator points but I don't feel I am famous.

    Please… I really would like an answer.

  9. Can I Collab with my friend? We have easy communication and I know him well, but there is definitely a large skill gap between us….

    My level: 7891493 (my only one currently)
    His level: 7125580

  10. Whens the contest Mr 666?

  11. I will collab with anyone. I am not famous,

  12. I need help I have never done this before

  13. Here is our finished level in case if you didn't receive the form ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Id : 8962365
    Creators : me and dhk2725

  14. Me and xenesis. Is this OK?

  15. I'm collabing on a lot of levels xD, I'm a very unknown creator.

  16. I bet the unapproved group was VipShroom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. +Darnoc703 can i enter 2 entries?
    Coz i have 2 friends wants really to collab with me
    And they are not famous
    Can i do it?

  18. Is it possible to change your team after you submitted it?

  19. Sorry I still don't get the point and is it ok if I colab with gd piccoloni?(Play nova cataclysm)

  20. this means i can do a collab with you?