Daddy goes to GoWiPe class in Clash of Clans

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  1. Guys you know this has been my weakness, i’m learning, check out how i got
    on #gowipe #clashofclans

  2. Could you do hog rider attack?

  3. Did my first GoWiPe attack.. It’s was really intense and really fun, you
    need higher level heroes than 5… (Like me) but i got the 2 star so

  4. I have Carpe on my gamecenter friends list…

  5. Check out this video on YouTube:

  6. If you ever need replays to look at, swing by Crimson during a war. I use
    GoWiWi 1 or both attacks for it. I believe you can spectate our replays if
    I’m not mistaken. I’m getting Crimson to move from Balloons to GoWiWi for
    Clan Wars. The best thing for your GoWiWi is to hold off dropping the
    heroes until you’ve cleared something like 30-40% of the base because then
    the only way to go is in. Wait a little longer on deploying your heroes.

  7. do more hand videos.

  8. I love using GoWiPe as townhall 8 with level 3 Pekkas :)

  9. loonion can work. used it in my clans war, got a 2 star on maxed base, he
    had 3800 cups. i think it is very possible

  10. Here’s a helpful tip: Don’t drop the PEKKA’s in the beginning. You need to
    clear out all the buildings that lead the PEKKA’s around the base.

  11. Nr 1. Rule with this attack is, remember to take the outside buildings
    first, because then the pekkas, barbs King and queen and so on will no go
    around the base but straight to the middle 🙂 

  12. Guys look up tobi kaiser he is really good with gowipe and is either the as
    good as carpe or even better 

  13. OMG i love how often your uploading keep it up

  14. Daddy i want join u r clan pls tell me clan name?

  15. Holy shit you went against the sanctuary?! I was in their feeder clan a
    while back! Wow who won? Those guys r great

  16. Daddy, I thought your second attack was great. It’s a bit of timing thing
    with the GoWiPe eh? My friend is playing around with it using lv1 golems,
    lv3 pekkas and lv5 wizards. It’s still amazingly effective. Keep it up and
    I guarantee you’ll be wiping like a pro (haha) in no time flat!

  17. While your first attack was a failed one you did a good job on the second.

  18. I think seeing some1 mess up a type of attack helps me learn even more.
    Nice video. 

  19. Wow! That 2nd attack you posted of Carpe’s was amazing. 

  20. You know they should add War-General or War-Commander to the positions we
    can be promoted to! What they would do I don’t know yet lol but the role
    can only be given to one person like Leader and CoLeader

  21. Hey daddy, why don’t you do a tips ‘n’ tricks series on your channel? Like
    show raid and defense tactics? Just a idea :P

  22. I cannot Gowipe like that! :/ i think that farming too much makes you fear
    the higher player bases. Every time i see a base like that I skip. 😐 

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  24. That amazing moment when you ran into daddy in global ps my name. Is
    deren1019 in coc

  25. Thats the best use of pekka I’ve ever seen. This will be very helpful for
    clan wars. Thanks Daddy and Carpe