Daddy’s Christmas Day special | Clash of Clans Audition | Barbarian King

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  1. Something about that barbarian kings face glitching out at the end
    terrified me.

  2. Shouldn’t I’d be “Daddy’s Christmas Day special”? Not sure but anyways
    great video as always and merry Christmas 

  3. You sound even better with the headphones I got for Christmas! Have a good

  4. Daddy make a video with JUNIOR!! Its been a while

  5. 1:50… cmon daddy u can do better… photoshop F

  6. Have a great Christmas daddy! Here’s to some more great videos in 2015!

  7. Great video as always! Merry Christmas and clash on :)

  8. DADDY GREAT VIDEO! I LOVED IT! It was funny and it had a great Steve Jobs
    quote! Merry Christmas everyone!

  9. Didn’t Steve Jobs say that in one of his early keynotes?

  10. lol, wizard as Macbeth….


  12. There was some very inspirational words right there thank you for that
    daddy also merry Christmas and I hope Santa got the right presents for you
    cheerful sidekicks till the next video daddy :)??

  13. woah..tht was awesome…how do u come up with such ideas?..btw Merry
    Christmas DADDY!

  14. Daddy , another great video, thank you! Have a peaceful and great christmas

  15. Like if u cri everitim :'(

  16. Daddy, did you see the boom beach advert on ITV2 in goldeneye?

  17. You da man Daddy, keep being creative bro.

  18. Let’s cri 2gether :’)

  19. Daddy look this clan #2888COP

  20. – Steve Jobs

  21. Very inspirational daddy 🙂 

  22. cool video! congrats on 200k!!! youre awesome, keep it going! ;)

  23. Lol awesomeeeee !!!!

  24. Merry Chrismas Daddy