Daddy’s new Clash of Clans base

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  1. What clan are you in daddy?

  2. wow i didn’t think you rushed that much

  3. You guys should look at daddy now… hes town hall 10 maxed out hes farming
    hes maxed out lol hes clan name is golden sky he is gold 1 level 141 JUST

  4. Join 5150 Badgers we are a lvl 60+ adult clan 

  5. Join my clan Black Mamba 

  6. good base

  7. Hi, my name’s Daddy. Lol… That doesn’t get old

  8. how do you get dark elixir daddy

  9. What program you use to record the screen of your cell phone ?

  10. bighowie83 on the forums is such a joke. That stupid kid needs to be
    removed from the mods list.

  11. your intro on this is so ugly

  12. I think it would have been better if you had your wizard towers centralised
    next to the storages

  13. Hey daddy I’m loving the videos and thanks for accepting me on GameCenter

  14. To love how fast the videos are coming out!

  15. Oh and also you reviewed my base a while back and I redesigned it and would
    love to know what you think… Thank you

  16. yeah inside skulls would be better, good point

  17. Dude, use the strips made of black walls and use them where u have purple

  18. Hi daddy, Really strong base imo. Only thing i would change is the mid
    mortar. Change it with the gold storage right next to it and u get closer
    to a triangle with all 3 mortars and imo mortars are strongest in this
    formation. cheers

  19. Your village isn’t worth farming, even if you had too much elixir to raid
    with dragon/pekka. If I had to farm the gold, I would take down 1 air def
    easily with a couple WB and a few giants, lightning attack another air def,
    then send in all the dragons at your 3rd air def. That would leave 1 air
    def left, which would more than likely prevent a 100% win. Probably only
    get 3/4 of the gold storage. You could use this method to get the Dark
    Elixir storage, no probs.

  20. he needs to do more, i keep nagging him, i also miss his insight…luckily
    i cn chat with him but he needs to share more with youtube.

  21. Use my appnana code t448296 it will help my channel

  22. 5 archers for the town hall 10 goblins for the dark elixir drill and ballon
    giant healer. and some wizards and 3 rage

  23. So annoying Sound at 4:00

  24. Thanks Sir Adam, i’ll check it out

  25. This guys is epic, first its ” I’m daddy and i play clash of clans
    sometime”, and now its “I’m daddy and I change my base sometimes” xD EPIC!!!