David vs. Goliath Episode 2 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Wow. Great plan, and great execution. I've been watching a ton of Jake's and Hulk's videos, and now I've just subbed to your channel as well. My clanmates and I would really benefit from this kind of out of the box approach to bases. Our leadership has been trying to diversify attacks a bit so the TH8s don't just dragon spam and the TH9s don't just aim for 2. It's tough since none of us really have the practical experience, and it's just YouTube videos.

  2. i am a th8, enemy has the same base but th9 version with th8 defenses and lv5 queen. would it be the same plan or should i just attack lower?

  3. that was a sick attack and awesome planning

  4. Thanks for showing this.  I've been stuck attacking early TH10s (I'm TH9) in past couple wars and have been experimenting with GoHo.  Solid two-stars but just doesn't have the legs for three.  I was thinking a mass balloon raid was only way to overwhelm a tight inferno layout. 

  5. Sweet intro

  6. Great planning, nice music, awesome raid… just perfect!

  7. Great attack tyler

  8. hey guys how come when you click on the about section for the youtube channel you can't see the number of subscribers?

  9. awesome attack and planning

  10. That planning was awesome. Best attack I've seen.

  11. Very nice man!

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