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Dear Clan War Community… Friendly Challenge Changes | Clash of Clans

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  1. nice vid i love it!! keep up you're one of the best 🙂 <3

  2. #ThankYouSuperCell!

  3. #thankyousupercell for nothing!! hell might as well be a reason to quit this game!! no scouting on war day!! guess we will turn into a non-war clan!!what's the use in playing then!!dumbass people

  4. I am new here! lets help each other. Subscribe Me.

  5. #hateyousupercell why the hell its so unfair th9 and above can't do it I'm th9 rushed u I hate u u just make changes which make it worse #thanksalot

  6. #god out

  7. its going to be legend wait for it dary legendary

  8. cant wait for it

  9. man friendly challenge is good plzzzz it should be there

  10. they should remove this cool down restriction during prep day as we cannot scout layout in prep day. That way we still can easily change our layouts without affecting wars.

  11. ?

  12. Wicked gaming, make a base review of my account. Clan name Pak(warriors) and in-Game name talha2506. Will u do it?

  13. noooo they shouldnt do this u cant scout during prep day wtf nooo pls dont do this remove friendly chsllenge but dont do this

  14. i hate the changes they should just have made it to where you can't see others war base's like they did an people in war can't participate in friendly play until war is over i hate the cool down not fair at all so mad

  15. This is the most absurd adjustment ever! Seriously??? No Scouting during
    'Preparation' Day? Then what is the point?!?!? Either go for the 48
    hour cool down or eliminate friendly challenge… anything in between is

  16. They should also make it so that only people in war can see where your traps are that way you don't have to close your clan in fear of them spying

  17. Wait I'm confused. What if your not in war, I mean if there is no war going on in my clan will there still be a 24hr cool down?

  18. #ThankYouSupercell

  19. #thankyousupercellforthechanges!

  20. so… building an army to attack a base right at the start of the war will be impossible because you won't actually know what the base looks like?? ok..

  21. One thing is for sure, after this update there'll be nothin like Anti 3* bases. it'll be so easy to identify the weak spots in a base and capitalise on it! Btw nice attack mate! Love ur replays. ??✌

  22. #thankyousupercellforthechanges I've seen sneak peeks but this is the first time i hear about the scouting thing, nice!!.
    Please wicked dark spells tutorial

  23. #thankyousupercell

  24. #Thankyousupercell

  25. Great explanation wicked!

  26. I watched the video twice
    i) To see how you attacked that base
    ii) To listen to what you were saying

    I'm weird i know it ?

  27. Is there any sneek peek come today?

  28. yooo

  29. I personally think that this is going to be a great update and a wonderful tool for my clan to improve

  30. hey wicked can i joi your clan in Clash royale