Defend Hogs! Pathing Manipulation | Clash of Clans

  1. Are you gonna make an anti witch base building video? My clan has been working on stopping it but if someone has 20/20 heros it's basically over. Tried making defenseless cores to make golems walk and to try and kill bowlers. Tried really weird layouts not having much success.

  2. Too much rambling for me.

  3. was a super helpful video for me, invite player but base building nub. It would be good to add on to any defensive tutorial a way to get around it as an attacker, like you did by saying that if you encounter this, it is best to hold the heal. Thanks bisect!

  4. Quisiera ver si me pueden apoyar en mi canal subo videos de Clash Royale o Clash of clans se pueden suscribir a mi canal espero q me apoyen chicos gracias

  5. Go accentuateyourself

  6. ??

  7. Not sure if someone in Cwl would place the hogs like that

  8. Hey mate how do you use the developer build?

  9. What if i send those 14 hog in a surgical way ???

  10. here is the story…
    in a CWL war a th9 base holds 3hits and next random farm war it is WITCH SLAPPED. uggg!
    p.s: it was made under witch slap guidance ?

  11. Th11 hogs wreck

  12. Bro can u make a anti hog base for th9 plzz

  13. It would be really useful if you could show us a live base build and tell us how you manage put such spots in your base. I'm a total noob at base building ?.

  14. very helpful cheers

  15. What about "dbg chrispyz" with 2 small bombs in the middle like 0..0 ? On clash tutors videos

  16. Th11 base plz 🙂

  17. really love ur videos man. keep up the good work. really love such tips.

  18. make a BoWitch video ( TH10 )
    im so bad at it do a video about it?

  19. Bro make bowitch tip video?

  20. "You'll be a relevant town hall soon"???? savage

  21. Can you do a Hog Guide?

  22. Amazing video

  23. Great video!
    Can you do a th11 defensive guide in the future?

  24. gostei Mais tem que ser pensado um layout completo

  25. Bom

  26. Great video again ! Can I join ur clan bisectetron?

  27. Hi

  28. Tsrif