Defend the Wall Wrecker! TH10 Defensive Guide | Clash of Clans

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  1. Thumbs up! Very good bases and tips. My new th10 defended a max th11 lol (

  2. echo thru me already burnt your last base man ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. At the moment I am TH10 with underdeveloped defense buildings for better matching. I am looting to max the walls and heroโ€™s since they seem not to factor into the matching algorithm. To that end, I am using NO dark troops so as to accumulate Dark Elix as fact as possible. I now have 40 lvl Queen and am able to get enough DE to keep the King upgrading constantly almost. I use my 5+5+5+5+5 strategy since it is easy to manage…5 healers Behring the Q, 5 pekkas, 5 giants and 5 wizards, 5 rageI try to use the Q walk to take out the other Q, an Air Defense which kill the healers if they get too close, and a number of defenses. A rage might have to be used to keep her up if she runs into 3 ore more defenses at once. But if you think about it, the Q often remains at full health and I got down a number of defenses with NO damage to my troops. Then a start the attack with the giants if it look like she is going to need some distraction and maybe a few wizards behind them. The tricky and fun part is when to deploy the pekkas to get them to core in all together and keep them raged. So I look for large amounts of DE and over 300k each of gold and elix. I dont care too much about the stars or even winning as I want the DE. I will put the Q down where she can run into the max no of DE drills. Try it and make a report from you tremendous experience. Tks

  4. I like your calm, un-hyped, laid back presentation

  5. Very good Impressive contant

  6. If you dont use the wall wrecker on the kill squad why not use it on your hogs? Just let it run against a random wall where you start your hog deployment, let it in a layer deep and then start your hogs behind. This saves at least 2 or 3 giants if not more and you can still unload it any time you need the cc hogs. In some cases you may even hit a few defenses with the wall wrecker taking them out

  7. What about if you're the top base vsing low clans who just go for two stars so you have a anti two base?

  8. Could you please turn on the sponsorship feature for the channel,and I would be glad to support the channel.

  9. Maybe if the people thought of NOT using the wall wrecker? I mean, like I'm pretty sure none of the defences for th10 got buffed because of the wall wrecker….and maybe deploying CC earlier?

  10. Actually, the second replay has been done by quite a noob… He thought, that the siege machine would walk somewhere else, once the TH is down


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  13. Hey, great video on base design principles. Are you going to have a TH11 or TH12 video to discuss how to counter the wall wrecker there? I'm curious how the eagle position should be and what to do about the TH12 townhall once the explosion damage occurs (is it worth putting on the outside still?)

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  15. What happened to BTB ?

  16. thanks brother

  17. Does ur patreon have th12 bases?

  18. Thumbs up if you cannot find the 6th spring trap on 3rd base ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. War Strategy Falcon Broke this village

  20. Nice but what about lightning spells in the center (cc, queen, wiz tower, sweeper), sui from 3 and lalo?

  21. Plz share the 3* attack on the last base

  22. 5 months old MK base

  23. can i get the trap positions of the #1 base??

  24. that's right

  25. awesome video!

  26. second replay was good ,miss place of jump or it might be 3

  27. As always, Quality content!

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