Dragons, P.E.K.K.A., TH10 BoLaLoon – More Post-Update Gameplay

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  1. "Tom-bom-ba-dil?" Have you never read Lord of the Rings? Nerd card revoked. lol.

  2. The war coummunity's position on showing TH11 bases is very frustrating. As a TH11, I would like to see TH11 content, and there is very little good content out there for this reason. To be clear, I'm not blaming bisectatron, but the community as a whole.

  3. I will be spreading the word about what you've done to Chaos Hammer. This the most selfish display of YouTubing I've ever seen. How many of our bases did you burn? 11? 12? I hope you never do this to a clan again. I feel like threatening you right now, but I'll just settle for calling you a selfish asshole. Fucking moron

  4. Base design will catch up soon.

  5. i still think hog attacks ( shattered gohobo ) are the strongest at th9…I know people seem to get bored of it and experiment with these new attacks…but when im in a slump or clan members are struggling to get the three stars, ya gotta go back to the basics, defense targeting troops.

  6. Great video as always!

  7. u never show the th11 3 stars
    where they at bro ?

  8. Dam your Chanal grew fast I Remember when I was you 1000 sub :0

  9. Great video bro keep it up :)