ELECTRO DRAGON vs ALL DEFENSES! New Troop in Clash of Clans! CoC Electro Dragon Attacks – Update!

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  1. Are you excited for the New Clash of Clans Troop?

  2. Bro were I'll found the coc privet server like you

  3. What is your clan name?

  4. Slow troop. Very slow

  5. What is your tag and clan tag

  6. Attack speed is horrible..😑😑😧

  7. It will make clan castle defence so strong….

  8. Yo

  9. Plzzz give link oof this mod

  10. ⚡⚡⚡⚡Electro drag will be the best troop ever⚡⚡⚡⚡

  11. Which mod is this
    Please share link

  12. How you get this update

  13. Your voice is satisfying xD AF


  14. Super

  15. Can you please give me link to download latest apk..??

  16. Is this guy purposely making a weird voice?

  17. I like electro dragon but he is very slow against multiple inferno tower

  18. Your accent gives me orgasms

  19. Infarno win

  20. Bro which state you

  21. They must be working hard on the update

  22. hack link

  23. Keep up the good work 👌👌👍🏽

  24. Needs a nerf badly
    Edit: I mean damage nerf

  25. Osm

  26. not a good updateee

  27. not a good troop now attack is strong. but defence is now poor

  28. bro plz give the link

  29. Electric dragon is badass nice

  30. Did you hold you nose while speaking?

  31. Plz give me this private server link plz

  32. It cast thundaga when it dies? Shouldn't had spent all my elixer bleh

  33. They are so slow😑

  34. can you make a video of super Pella vs electro dragon

  35. I think a nerf is on the way…

  36. Chain link to one tile each could b dangerous

  37. Hi

  38. Plz tell me how many space will electro dragon take in army camp

  39. Name of private server of this video

  40. Plz can you known me which server you are use in this video

  41. Very osm

  42. I liked it very much send me link bro

  43. # OP

  44. bro nice video i want to play again cause of this video thanks i subscribed and like your video please let me win a gift card ok please

  45. Brother please give a download link

  46. THE Best