Emphatic Elite vs OneHive (Arranged War) – Intro

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAH omg! did you really just show in your chat that reved up wants a blunt hahah!! and of course im high as fuck too

  2. LOOOL a "prestiguous war". I don't know anything about one hive, but i would bet money that they only war in arranged matches if they deem a clan worthy of fighting them

  3. LOOL you had a spreadsheet of everyones war weights?? holy jesus you guys are the real deal! Best clasher on youtube no doubt in my mind

  4. Actually you know what I take it back, it would actually be pretty cool knowing you could send members of yours to another clan in war and they would still try their very best

  5. Is this all in the name of making fair teams??? come on you coulda just duked it out like men

  6. wow really, you guys had some member switch teams? Are you kidding me?????????????????? damn not sure if im gonna watch this after that :(

  7. WOW! you vs one hive!! did they allow this because you beat their feeder? I'm riveted already, should be very interesting to see if you can take down the best of the best.

  8. This will be exciting! I am following both channels for a while now, and for sure this war will be a nailbiter. Goodluck to both clans!

  9. You showed them what's in your cc!!

  10. I wanna see Rextacy vs. Vanaris lol, both get referred to the exact same way by you and Jake

  11. Hey Matty, I'm so excited about the upcoming war with Jake! I have long been a subscriber of you both and simply cannot wait for what could be one of the most high-level, professional and most importantly fair wars ever seen! It's going to be awesome and wish both clans best wishes, good luck!

  12. epic war from my 2 fave utubers… good luck 2 u both… cant wait…

  13. It all about the wins. Good luck 

  14. Empathetic has some excellent attacks but OneHive have dominant ground attacks. This is yet to be exciting war!

  15. Anyone streaming it?

  16. hehe my wish list matchup, I follow jake and matty both on youtube and this will be good to watch. Hope you  give good coverage as always 🙂
    Both likeable , since im scottish I may be hoping for a UK win. Its all good, have fun troops :)

  17. should be fun, Good Luck to both sides

  18. I am in :)

  19. You just showed everyone whats in your clan castles?!

  20. So excited!