Emphatic Elite vs OneHive – First 8 Hours

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  1. Who won ee vs oh? This war.

  2. jake from onehive gets only 75 porcent 1 star xD

  3. this video been reported :p for your clan talking about their private parts :p goes against you tube rules :p

  4. At 8:35 near the TH one giant glitches and jumps over a wall that had to jump spell and the rest of the giants had to break through.

  5. so who won?

  6. One hive won this one

  7. haha love your videos. mum's callin me!

  8. sir matty where how can i join empahtic elite or other empahtic cla? i have th9 both heroes lvl 16 all troops and def are max..my attack is similar to your attacks

  9. I came up with an army comp almost exactly like what GG used a week ago. Weird to see someone else using it. I'm TH 9 tho

  10. 13:05 ferrari lol

  11. awesome start to the war. Jake was the first youtuber I subscribed to and you were the second. So most of the things ive learned how to do in this game ive learned from watching yalls videos, 650 war stars later and I still learn something new almost every time I watch yall.  Pretty awesome how far both of you guys have come since the beginning!!!

  12. What are your clan requirements? I'm a Th 10 with all maxed troops and defenses minus the air sweeper. My BK and AQ are lvl 26 and 28 respectively and both being upgraded right nowI can 3 star any TH 9 easily obviously and 2 star 90% of TH 10s. I would love to join your clan.

  13. soooo nice <3

  14. What's the name of the keyboard you use matty? 

  15. Are you serious man? watch your language please, you are saying about your viewers (silly) just cause some may disagree with you?

  16. +Clashing with Matty You guys were great. We had so much fun with this war. Thanks again.
    We were under the impression that you were NOT going to share replays of attacks on bases that were not successfully 3*d. We'd rather keep those designs active and really don't want them being shared.

  17. Awesome raids! Just wondering, why do the bases have 1 double bomb set and 2 singles instead of 2 double sets? Something I've seen a lot recently in yours and a few others youtube's. Is it to force heals where they aren't needed? 

  18. Is there normally that many 1 star attacks in wars like this? It seems like some are struggling after the update… LOL. Nice Video, Matty. Keep it up.

  19. lava hounds lock on to air sweepers?

  20. Why would you not want to build the new defences you get at th9/10?