Emphatic Elite vs OneHive – My TH8 Surgical Hogs

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  1. its best to drop the wizards in the opposite side of the base that the hogs finish in, mainly on high hp buildings

  2. Great video man

  3. Nice I'm gonna try this! You earned a sub

  4. Great attack bro

  5. hi matty!  cheetum here from OneHive Genesis,  the second base was my design which i used at TH8.   i gave to andre to use for your war. Was hoping it would be challenging for someone but you made it look easy lol. well done~

  6. Wonderful vid! Good example and great explanation. Keep up the great work on your channel :)

  7. nice

  8. Wow. That was an amazing attack.

  9. one hive are stronger but i bealive in you))

  10. You and your channel are amazing. You play Clash for Clash, no marketing, no '100000 pekkas' raid. Thanks for helping us!

  11. #Brennerchen

  12. NICE #Brennerchen

  13. Im definitely trying this matty amazing attacks!!

  14. ???

  15. Who is onehive?:o

  16. How are you doing today?

  17. Lol matty

  18. Nice!
    #Brennerchen :D

  19. TH8 Surgical Hogs