ENGINEERED Clan Dacii Meets KARMA by GettingDark – Big Cri – 6 Skeleton Spell 3 Star WTF

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  1. Hey! Greetings from me! I’m an elder in quantum’s force! How are you?

  2. Ed can I join the hopper squad? I'm th11 with 50-50-20 heroes but no eagle

  3. DACII is not a ENGINEERED Clan! Why not show base engineered? Where are they?

  4. gg…trash engineers are irrelevant to the game

  5. lmfao

  6. Good shit as usual ed. Engineered clan got rekt hard

  7. You can't attack to save yourself

  8. why in ur clan not so many co leader

  9. Not fair, more like got what you deserved you engineered fucks. Clans like that ruin the game. Well done dark!

  10. Lol pwned!

  11. habra baneitos :v

  12. There are a few things in clash that make me happy… watching galadon spam troops, seeing powerbangs face when he got a ban??? and telling noobs on global to go back to their clan and request a lv40 archer queen. But most of all i love seeing engineers spit the dummy out and fail spectacularly. Nice one ed???

  13. those troll clans are a headache hahaha

  14. CLAN DACII is from romania and i know The leader

  15. Y Y

  16. Wow Ed You my friend are great ?✊

  17. Superb superb yeah fuck loooving it


  19. Fuck Supercell's update, this is the best way to get rid of ingeneers clans hahahah. Nice vid

  20. Haha awesome as always Ed! Suck sh!t engineers ?? can’t stand em myself! (RUM)

  21. Xi UZBEKISTAN ??

  22. Gj Ed bro Gj gd & itd

  23. Lmao… what a waste of GD's time. The nubs only used 7 attacks too ???

  24. I just quit clash after 5years yesterday on my birthday I decided to quit

  25. ?????

  26. What does engineered clan mean

  27. 3rd(realiatic)


  29. First

  30. First view