Epic GOVAHOBO Strong TH9 3 Star Attack Strategy | ft. Reddit Pirates | Clash of Clans

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  1. nice

  2. my valks are lvl 2 right now would this work for a low th9 ( my heroes are lvl 10 btw

  3. sweet,,,i was gonna use this strat last night in war,,the th10 we had ignored request for bowlers,,so I kicked him lol

  4. Those 30 heroes do half of the job

  5. Hi dude is there any chance for you to give me appstore redeem code for me to get a legendary card ill be happy and it will made my year

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  7. I made that strategy 2 months ago….u r late bro

  8. nice attacks wicked,but the strategy looked little risky compared to other ground.I think goboho would be much more effective than govaboho as extra hogs in exchange of those valks would be great.Plus if I am saving a heal spell for my hogs I would like to bring more hogs in attacks.nice video though.perfect attacks and keep uploading these.Good luck for your upcoming video.

  9. omg so much troops …I think I will forget to drop troops

  10. You need a lot of dark elixir for attacks like this

  11. These th 9 have strong ass heroes…

  12. wicked still waiting top 5 th9 attack strategies from you bro!!! hope you will make a video about it

  13. you are awesome

  14. great video mate!

  15. GOWIVAHOWABO to be accurate

  16. Could you please lower the music volume from the next video so that I may hear your commentating clearly.

  17. i only enable notifications if the youtuber only uploads every week, month, or every other day

  18. love your vid keep it up

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