Epic GOVALO TH9 3 Star Attack Strategy Double Jump Spells + New Update Hype | Clash of Clans

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  1. my TH 8 have almost all defense upgraded just air defense, sweeper and traps left along with walls… i lose at defending a lot.. any tips?? how can i show u my base layout?

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  4. I would say after oct 9th. If i heard u correctly, i imagine they will do a livestream w youtubers and the new content either before or during sneak peaks. So we are hopefully looking at no later than the 15th.

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  11. Wicked can you please accept me into your clan Ik I'm th 8 but I'm maxed

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  14. Dude I need some stupid attacks for farming fun that can 3* th9 any type of base

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  18. good video.Going to try this attack now. Shifting to air cause #ilove3stars

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