EPIC Town Hall 8 (TH8) TROPHY Base 2017!! COC New BEST Th8 Trophy Base Design – Clash of Clans

  1. warning, do not try this base i lost about 70 cups because people will just lightning the middle and destroy the air def

  2. It's a verry town hall 8 base

  3. You are a great man. Nice base . ?????

  4. King town hall 8 not max base video

  5. Yo! What's up with the builder huts!?

  6. omg the builders are ubgraded?

  7. osaam

  8. plz suscribe my chanel Mohammad sabri

  9. tbh all of your layouts are sucks dont get mad bud they every sucks

  10. four hidden tesla’s? i only have 3

  11. Nice video keep going broh

  12. Thx boy

  13. I coped it just now I'm off to see how it is but I'm more rushed then you but will see

  14. Can u make a Th7 with no barb king

  15. Nice

  16. I subs

  17. Subcribed, I like your bases

  18. 0:17 vs how many subs now its an epic journy man … ur now almost at 70,000

  19. Bro who is ? winner of giveaway ?

  20. trash

  21. Just SICK , I already did a Th4 base build , i got inspired by you 1 year ago and I was happy that you do nice bases, How long it takes you to build a base , or hav the idea?

    Or you just build a random one and rec it?

  22. KinG Gam3r Thanks

  23. KinG Gam3r Thenk you


  25. Im going to update my th7 to th8 ..thanks for this video?

  26. Wow

  27. Hope u will get 70k subs by this year

  28. Remember me? ?

  29. Superb

  30. God!

  31. Yo yo nice base see my base #PPV09GJ9J and tell…..what to do? ??

  32. Thanks ^^

  33. Hey! Now if you heard of clan games in the new update our clan is rocking on the medals. I'm almost a maxed th7 almost ready for th8. When I reach th8, I will use this outstanding base!

  34. great vid bro 🙂

  35. waht name music