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  1. With the joy stick hack is it the same servers

  2. android has more stuff for pokemon go it just requires a root

  3. Android has allow mock locations in developer settings. For a way to perhaps avoid getting banned is to use an Xposed module that fakes the allow mock locations set to off when it is really on.

  4. So easy to catch Pokemon if you have this

  5. only one person can play at the same time I think so nobody could ever get on.

  6. this link so great.. i just got millions coins from it..check it out

  7. Ion what team are you? and for that last thought there would be guys that would transfer the big Pokemon Cp level

  8. please rename bloody title to life hacks, because it is mostly just non hacks

  9. Ceiling fan hack's not working…

  10. Yea ion that idea will get you almost instantly banned

  11. Pls make Account together with your subs

  12. ɷɷu could ez just do the cheat i use to get my Pokemon Go-coins guys lol its uber ez it's posted here ɷɷ=>>> https://twitter.com/3179258839/status/757642549704138752

  13. Running man challenge @2:22 ?

  14. You only get soft band if you teleport or move too fast it only lasts like 4 hours

  15. Im sorry of what I did, I take responsibility for that stupid comment. I sent a apology to the discussion, sorry I post too many comments on some videos. I really appreciate what goes into a video but with no interest in pokemon I can't watch it so sad. I hope you understand that.

  16. whaddup ION

  17. 9:43 everyone knows that

  18. Ion, is that you at 2:06 in the screen of the phone where you're trying to catch the Bulbasaur?

  19. Reclaiming missed pokeballs doesn't work

  20. Ion someone can just like get u baned

  21. The picachu and eeve ones are Easter eggs ion… Do the research



  24. Keep up the good work ion!! Like the meme face lol

  25. The pikachu and eevee things aren't hacks

  26. It's pernounced vay peer eon

  27. will this get reset when we open the app without hacks?

  28. That Pokémon go account idea its really cool you should do it

  29. Rewatch the vid but with subtitles in and they look really stupid!

  30. ION you just earned a sub?

  31. The pokeball one doesn't work

  32. The piebald one doesn't work

  33. YOOOOOOO, this pokevision stuff is lit

  34. That drowzee at the end though…