EXCLUSIVE! Clash of Clans 2017 Update 3D Concept by RadicalRosh

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  2. Nice job !!! Good luck

  3. awesome work broo,, BTW when is the update???


  5. nice man its a best update

  6. awesome work!

  7. beautifully designed .. amazing i love it !

  8. Wow

  9. awesome !

  10. The best thing i've ever seen in coc!

  11. OMG

  12. perfect

  13. update coming date bro

  14. Estoy esperando la nueva versión ?

  15. tight man !!!

  16. Buen video, interesante vista 3D del barco. Amazing video, thanks a lot.

  17. can we upgrade builder hut now

  18. awesome man you are damn good

  19. amazing ??

  20. Hy RadicalRoah, we are from bangladesh. We play all supercell games. Specially clash of clans our country's maximum people play this game and we need a little favor from you.We need bangladeshi flag.Please give

  21. Amazing bro. keep rocking. 🙂

  22. braziiiil ;P

  23. Who came from CoC tweet?

  24. WOW! What an epic video! Love the concept of the intense music and the construction of the boat! You have earned yourself a new sub! Keep up the awesome videos!