Final 30 Minutes (OneHive vs 6 Schlitzes) | Clash of Clans

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  1. Lmao everyone calling indakut "kut", which means pussy in dutch??

  2. You can definitely keep team speak up… It's more enjoyable with team speak, and those few swear words won't get your video taken down

  3. How old are you?

  4. one thing i dont get with any coc youtube channel is why u guys never show any attacks on your own bases. if u cant burn your own clan's bases, then how can u burn opponent clan's bases?

  5. At 2:30 what audio was it that couldn't be put on YouTube? Hmm?

  6. Duchesses!!!

  7. In other news i love seeing these war end vids

  8. next time plzz let team speak on i wana see how big onehive vocabulary is ?? besides it would be funny ???✌

  9. wow you have so much energy keep it up!

  10. why didnt you skeet? :(

  11. a really good job brut…posting back to back quality content in such less time…gg for the dedication!!

  12. You murder their clan name so bad lol

  13. Nice vid Brutus..lovin your content man

  14. intense fellas, nice job guys

  15. nice stuff

  16. nearly 3k damn keep it going brutis