FINALLY UPGRADING TO TOWN HALL LEVEL 9 + High Resource Farming Extravaganza!!!!

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  1. town hall 9 with bk lvl 1…

  2. Nobody attacks with drags at 700,000 trophies…….Riiiiiight

  3. There should be some kind of exchange service within the game….
    If I have too much gold and I need elixir I should be able to convert my
    gold into elixir for say a 10% fee….
    Please add that.
    Elixir to gold
    Gold to elixir
    Dark to elixir
    Gold to dark
    Elixir to dark
    Dark to gold
    Canceling an upgrade should not cost 50%…
    It should be 25%

  4. that is os not a maxed out th8

  5. well i know this video is old but at least lvl 7 walls is like the th 9
    standard and honestly there isn’t much of a reason to have all lvl 8 walls
    but pink walls are unacceptable…

  6. Wow, level 6 and 7 walls, I’m upgrading to town hall 9 with all level 8
    walls and level 9 bk, with maxxed defense.

  7. Bru get thoughts pekkas they are the best and i got them at the beginning
    of th eight

  8. Ur going to th9 with lv6 wall?

  9. He didn’t even get pekkas at th8

  10. I’m town hall 7, about 18 hours from my th to being a level 8, and have
    3500000 in gold. Skipping town hall 8 and going th 9 right away. I’m pumped

  11. Avada Kedvra?

  12. So what my is on 10

  13. I’m like a lot of you tubers Ya see I didn’t max out my th before upgrading
    like you

  14. Guys the people who are saying he’s rushed yes he is but keep in mind this
    is when nobody really did tips and tricks on bases so all the you tubers
    had a base like this

  15. How come you upgraded your dark elixer storage so u can hold 40k but still
    have level 1 barbarian king XD?

  16. Eh Landon’s better

  17. I’m working on my walls on townhall 8 right now..its taking forever

  18. Haha what are u thinking u are so rushed u don’t even have a level 2 barb
    king I wouldn’t of if I was u but haha ur problem ?

  19. Hey what is the name of ur town hall?

  20. damn you’re mad rushed.. or you were mad rushed. th 8 bk lvl 1.. and lvl 6
    walls ???

  21. play tanki online its the best P.S its ON COMPUTER

  22. That was not a maxed TH 8. !!!!!!

  23. Wow congrats

  24. Walls and elxir collectors are horrible