First BABY DRAGON Attacks! – Clash of Clans New Update

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  1. I think the reason why the baby dragons are green is because of the old dragon picture

  2. Yo nick what do you think about the boom beach freezer troop??

  3. Hey guys I just started a channel and need help. Hit me up with a sub and I will do the same. I'm new to this and want to make clash vids or cod vids. Thanks!

  4. Baby dragons ftw

  5. in cln

  6. pls lower ur trophy

  7. What do i need to join warriors

  8. We need a leader 

  9. Nick can u join my clan plz ??? 

  10. i Hate that new clan chat

  11. Try 300 minors and 300 skeleton spells

  12. Awesome video nick I'm new to your channel

  13. troops dont die when attack over

  14. What about lavahound baby dragons?

  15. Nick has Baby D's :(

  16. Miner's the last card?? LOL… You really like Clash Royale? Am I right Nick??

  17. Nick how u 24000 gems

  18. Wow he just hit 1 mill… it took so long but now he did it…..good job? ?

  19. plz

  20. nick

  21. give me ur acc

  22. This i ps my fake account

  23. Even I want to buy stuff my parents barely allow ?

  24. He hit one millon subs