First TH9 Legend of the Quantum´s Family! with a new strategy | Quantum´s 8.9 | Clash of Clans

  1. Nice! Congrats to him, well played!
    I think dragloon is safer than qw laloon, nice to see another pushing strat that works aswell.
    Keep up the good work Tobi ^^

  2. very bad

  3. bleibt der Clan in nächster Zeit auf Einladung und 4000pokale? habe aktuell 3958 werde versuchen zu joinen wenn ich 4000hab

  4. second attack was inching it close

  5. Gutes video 1 ag voll die Rasur 2 ag fast verkakt?

  6. this isn't a new strategy, you showed us some replays of QW members doing this

  7. ???❤❤❤❤❤?????

  8. was amazing to see the support everyone gave him in the clan

  9. Contrats froome, toni i have a question , i sub you at your begins and i want really joint Quantums 8.9 im a th 9 in champion 2 

  10. jaa erste qw th9legende sehr geil

  11. hi

  12. and now he's below 5000 lol but congrats

  13. i remember that a couple of months ago you did a video where you were showing this strategy and there was also an attack by froome. like that one, also these two were really impressive, The second was so close! congrats to froome 😀 great video as always btw

  14. Glückwunsch starke leistung

  15. Alter niceeeeee

  16. +Tobi kannst mal eine th9 trophy anti 3 stars machen bitte

  17. awesome video, saw the th9 titan def when you weren't even max th9, tried to go to Quantums 8,9 but the trophies are 4000 now, I was in champs, i can push just dont have the time, can i get in the clan, almost max th9, sitting at 1500 trophies now haha

  18. congo!!!!!!!!!

  19. nice vid bro weiss wer wie der Intro Song heisst

  20. nice video tobiiiiii.. love it ???

  21. Congrats, Awesome video as always ?

  22. Beautiful ?

  23. Nices video Tobi .❤️❤️❤️

  24. Tobiiii :D