FREE LOOT EVERYWHERE! – Clash of Clans – Dead Base Loot is Spreading!

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  1. Clash Can't die out yet, I haven't maxed my base :'(

  2. Only me WHO stay on coc and QUIT Clash Royale?

  3. Only me WHO stay on coc and QUIT Clash Royale?

  4. i think valks are the reason for dead bases there is no protection from them even when maxed. its just open the base with earthquake or use a jump then funnel then drop valks.

  5. clash of clans is dead for me because my accounts got deleted and I have been playing around 3 years so when my accounts got deleted I gived up for really long time

  6. there's more dead bases cus this game is boring

  7. I also quitted playing coc, Supercell just doesnt care about this game anymore, th11 update destroyed coc and the next update will be "soon" so like in 6 months 😀 Supercell just destroys their own game with their lazyness

  8. dude me too i also notice a lot of dead bases in gold 2 today i found 7 of them i almost maxed my th7 base in one week

  9. its coz of clash royale

  10. Goodbye modders hello dead bases

  11. boston

  12. CQOTD: Do you think coc will die and clash royale will take over?

  13. You are good player,man and youtuber!I will subricibe to oyur channel!Great vides btw.Bye!

  14. it seems just th 9-11 :(

  15. Wat happened???

    Clash Royale happened

  16. CQOTD: which makes u more mad: when u lose in clash royal, or fail an attack in clash of clans?

  17. Bro you gotta attack my base plzzzzzz

  18. Yay, dead bases= free loot! Like this if u like loot!

  19. CQOTD Mystic7 I want to make videos from my tablet but I can only film real life things how should I deal with it because I want to make a YouTube channel

  20. COC is unfortunately dying………………….there is still hope for the game if super cell don't piss around changing shit.

  21. They should make tournaments between leagues

  22. I love the smell of dead bases in the morning…

  23. More people leave, more loot availbe

  24. Best place for a lvl 99 th 9 to farm

  25. More people leave, more loot availbe

  26. Gem it

  27. كفوووووو

  28. CQOTD: Were you more exited when you got your blue mustang, or when you got your second fast car the red one? (I forget the names.. I am not a huge car person)

  29. A TH11 with unloaded X-Bows, Inferno Towers and Eagle Artillery is pretty much a TH8 with more walls.

  30. Can I please join your clan MYSTLC7 because I have it bookmark please

  31. cqotd: can you please do a backup account for coc caus I need some tips for my th 8

  32. I'm finding so much loot as well

  33. I think clash royale

  34. I think they are quitting

  35. Good vid bro!

  36. Well there's some games that are still going after 10+ years :3 I hope that CoC will last as long as that

  37. What's that song at 2:19?

  38. No one plays anymore. I'm selling my TH 11 base for $4000 message me if anyone wants it.

  39. Wait in last video i mena at end of last video his grand warden was lvl 14 how come it was lvl 13 in this video lol

  40. i quitted because of the updates :/

  41. You can find all of these dead bases in supply drops