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FRIENDLY CHALLENGE CHANGES!!! 24 Hour Cool Down + Scout Changes in Clash of Clans

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  1. Lol ya see me getting attacked at 2.07 but ya didn't click watch live ??

    – HYBRID
    – TROPHY
    >>>>>> TH 5 – 10 <<<<<<

  3. If you can't scout the war base they should shorten prep time to only like 8-12 hours.  No need for a 24 hour prep if all your doing is filling war CCs. imo

  4. Hey ash

  5. That was exactly what i was thinking that people can use friendly battle to copy the base their friend is going to attack and his friend can practise and do the same attack in war but Supercell is smart.

  6. Very good news! Supercell needs to keep catering to the "1%", the majority of us take notes and try to emulate these strategies and play styles. Just like majority amateur sports and minority pro sports…

  7. Well this may please the hardcore players like yourself Ash but this ruins war for the average players. The preparation day is now useless since all you can do is fill war CCs. Most clans like mine use the prep day to decide who to attack etc… Supercell should have implemented something else. Whilst this makes you happy; it just makes clan wars more fustrating and tedious for the AVERAGE player.

  8. make heroes available in war or make 20 lvl heroes days 5 days for upgrade ??

  9. Please supercell make heroes available for war if they're upgrading…. PLEASE

  10. why even have a prep day then? nothing to prep for….

  11. Looking at them new barracks I'm thinking the new troop is deffinetly a miner ⛏

  12. thank you for speaking up for us ash. and thank you sc for listening. make clash great again!

  13. Hey ash , I think they should do away with prep day altogether , rather you fill your war castles then once this is done you can enter into war and when a match is found you can start immediately

  14. I think it would be also ok if you can see the last used base of the player on prep-day. Therefore players maybe are forced to use different war bases

  15. Yes! Supercell is still my favorite. Probably the most important "tweak" they could have ever made.

  16. much better

  17. Where is another sneak peak

  18. Wow that's stupid for people who like to cook their army pre-war -_-

  19. sounds awesome. ..can't wait for the update to get here…hope it's soon

  20. i will miss the prep day scouts as in our much smaller clan with mostly only 10v10 wars, we assign bases on prep day based on layout and what we know our clan mate's strengths and weaknesses are. But I agree with these changes and are happy that the new friendly challenge wont be abused. Maybe for th8's but who cares about those nowadays!? lol

  21. friendly challenge as a whole is just a bad idea

  22. Can't put into words how relieved I am

  23. Hey Ash! try this deck brother! i've been using it on arena 6-7 and so far its amazing (im level 7)
    the cards are: ice wizard, fireball, hog rider, elixir collector, musketeer, zap, skeletons and bomb tower.
    ekx cist: 3.5
    the strategy is def with ice wizard and than lead a push using: ice wizard, musketeer and hog rider, while defending with the rest.
    zap and fireball can be used offensively aswell
    always have 2 elix collectors out. and def mostly with bomb tower

  24. Beautiful love the changes great idea

  25. yeesssss!!!
    ash = a developer Confirmed

  26. Scouting and prep day serve no purpose now. Might as well have prep day to become prep hour

  27. Great news for the most part, but I disagreed with the cool down being TH9 + (should be TH8 +). Th8 is the beginning of skilled attacking in my opinion and bases at that level should be protected. So happy SC is listening ??

  28. Is the 24 hour cooldown just for new bases?

  29. Great stuff to Supercell for fixing this. Super hype now

  30. I think it could cause a problem for planning war strategies it'll make people more likely to hit bases that you have cooked troops for leaving less time to plan an attack somewhere else they should build clash caller into the game

  31. They should shorten clan war prep day since all you will be able to do is fill cc which can be done in about 3 hours

  32. I'd rather not even get the friendly challenge….. then to have them start Nerfing war……..

  33. hey ash i have one confusion .what about the players who r not in war .whether this restriction are for only to the players who are in war in a clan or every players of the clan

  34. glad to hear this

  35. ugh. So I must wait till the war starts to plan an attack. What's the point of prep day now?…

  36. Suggestion: as prep day effectively removes scouting/planning, the only use left is cc troop fills. That being the case, I suggest the layout editor allows for CC troops selections. Then, we can effectively remove prep day and jump straight to war. There some subtle things (free cc troops/levels?, unfinished war layouts etc), but I think there's nothing that can't be worked through. Better than non-scout prep day. Ideally I'd make it 47hr war, keeping pace consistent and sufficient time for international clans

  37. Not good in my opinion. We will have to wait for war start before we know what army to build for our target, assuming we have been able to pick a target that is. Forming a strat for targets or making claims will be a bit of a stab in the dark. Also the 24 hour cooldown seems a shame. Imagine you have a new base and want to get your clan to attack it to assess its strength. They can after 24 hours, but what if they suggest a tweak – "maybe try swapping the air def with the Wiz tower"… "OK, I've changed it – try again" "No wait, try again in another 24 hours…"

  38. I really don't like this update now

  39. This is the most absurd adjustment ever! Seriously??? No Scouting during
    'Preparation' Day? Then what is the point?!?!? Either go for the 48
    hour cool down or eliminate friendly challenge… anything in between is

  40. Hey ash im a real big fan of u and i wish lnow what kinda recording app u use for ur vedios And great one keep going waiting for for ur vedios

  41. So basically modders still have the advantage over the rest of us.