FRIENDLY CHALLENGE TOURNAMENTS | Clash Of Clans | HOW TO Organize, Recap & Feedback!

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  1. thx for showing my failed base :/

  2. Can u please organise a th 7 and th 8 tournament?? Please

  3. Great vid Ash, I love the idea

  4. How come your clan isn't showing your war record?

  5. Hey ash, do you think my townhall 11 has what it takes to be in one of these? Lv16 warden, 36king 40queen? Near maxed defences. Also can you please do a shoutout on youtube for your th9 tournament!? 😀 Awesome video, keep up the great work!

  6. War summary button is not available when I'm a war spectator!! I hope SC will fix this.

  7. Heroes are down during a challenge…

  8. Gameplay awful quality

  9. awesome! Can't wait to implement this is my clan!

  10. can you do a lower lvl tournament like 5 6 and more new poeple would really aprisiate you !! And it would be very interesting if you could watch some of the raids and point out some mistakes

  11. Should give us the ability to pick what troops we want to use when attacking in friendly challenge instead of training the troops.

  12. The intro was muted bro 5/5

  13. EXCALIBUR!!!!!?

  14. cant use heroes if upgrading in friendly challenges,dont like that 1 bit.

  15. Ash When The Tournement for TH 9 Come please send a reminder Vedio im a real Crazy Fan of YOu ! Keep COntesting More Good Tournaments

  16. Legend says Ash will only reply if you are first! ?

  17. Top 300

  18. anyone else have audio troubles with the intro? and great vid :)

  19. Great video just wanna let u know that the intro was muted tho

  20. Ash say hi to me

  21. Great stuff Ash! The tournament was a ton of fun! Congrats to everyone who participated, everyone got along really well. It was a great experience and I'm excited to see how Friendly Challenge is expanded upon in the future!

  22. 5th :)

  23. I'm top 200 to watch woohoo

  24. third

  25. SECOND

  26. 1st